Caja Sahel top boxes are hand made to your exact needs. Because everyones needs for a top box are different, from pizza to helmets there is no set size.

Std Top Box Suggestions: (any of these can be altered)
width: 11"
height: 9"
length: 18"
weight: 3.6kg

These are only suggestions , we have loads more photos and advice on getting you the right Top Box. To that end we dont really have a Std Top Box , we have Std Suggestions, but would be really interested in knowing your intended use , and then we could give you exactly what you want.

The standard top boxes come with all of the fittings for your bike. Any of the modifications can be added at an additional cost. These top boxes are perfect for any journey and will really stand up to a bashing whether its for long term street use or a rough race through stoney and watery terrain.


Custom Fittings

There are many custom fittings available. In the past I have added things to the top boxes such as:
   -   Lockable document panel in the bottom with double locks for security.
   -   Custom Locks onto the top box lid.
   -   Custom paint jobs (Click here for more info)
   -   Custom bags to drop inside your top box so you never need to remove it from your bike. (Found here)

How to Order

Caja Sahel top boxes are 100% built to your requirements and as such you can have any options you want added as these top boxes are hand made to the finest quality.
You can:
fill out this online contact form
telephone +353 (0)86 223 9055