Caja Sahel panniers are completely hand made and customised to every need you might have. They are one of the strongest panniers you can buy and are 100% waterproof to get you through even the roughest of journeys.

New Model

Our new range of panniers has just launched, it is a class leader in width, 90.7cm side to side. Made to the exact same standards that you have come to expect from Caja Sahel.


44 CM / 17.5" Long
38 CM / 15" High {to bottom of lid}
27 CM / 10.5" Wide
Pannier opening 23.5 CM /9.5" 40.5 CM 16"
Each Pannier weighs 6.5KG
43 Lts / 41 Lts on exhaust side.

The standard panniers come with all of the fittings for your bike. Any of the modifications can be added at an additional cost. These panniers are perfect for any journey and will really stand up to a bashing wether its for long term street use or a rough race through stoney and watery terrain.

What are they made from?

The Panniers are made from 2.5MM Alluminium.
The Alluminium is folded and Double welded , thats welded inside and outside the ouside weld is buffed to give a nice clean exterior finnish the inside weld remains as is for the added strength that is needed for what is essentially a harsh environment.

Attaching Frames

Lip where lid attaches

Fit any bike

These are our new , "Fit any Bike" 9" and 10" Panniers. These come undrilled .You have to drill and fit to your Chosen Mounting. They can be ordered in your choice of Latches , or Locking locks.

africa twin

Toughest Panniers around!

We had a Customer who said that he had gone thru so many sets of panniers he was dismayed He wanted a set of panniers that would not bend or Bust when the bike dropped.... We have made what we believe to be the Strongest pannier set available on the Market we achieved this by leaving the weld on inside and out ,,, 11MM of weld . These will not let you down. These do not Need to be rubber mounted.

This pannier has a Custom Lid opening. The opening is 28cm to allow for the Customers helmet to be stored inside.


We fit the panniers around the exhaust, to minimise the bulkiness and width of the panniers so they are less than the width of your handlebars. This is very important as when you are riding you judge the width of your bike by the width of the handlebars when you are gliding through gaps in traffic etc.

City Bags

The City Bag is the Result of customers wanting a Narrow option.
Even though our Standard Panniers are no wider than the handle bars for any of the Bikes we make panniers for.
The Pannier is 9" instead of 10". These Mount in the Same "Adventure" Fixed style.
City Box

Custom Fittings

There are many custom fittings available. In the past I have added things to the panniers such as:
   -    Lockable document panel in the bottom with double locks for security.
   -    Flat lid panniers so that you can easily mount things onto the top.
   -    Custom Locks onto the pannier lid.
   -    Choice of powder coat finishes. (Click here for more info)
   -    Custom bags to drop inside your panniers so you never need to remove
         them from your bike. (Found here)

lockable plate

How to Order

Caja Sahel Panniers are 100% built to your requirements and as such you can have any options you want added as these panniers are hand made to the finest quality.
You can:
fill out this online contact form
telephone +353 (0)86 223 9055