Paint Options

The list of finnish options is endless , we can offer powder coating finishes and paint (2 Pack or base and lacqure).
On the powder coat finish we offer only single base colours , with a massive variety of vinyl decals. The decals can be multi coloured base or reflective. With the paint finish the skys the limit , full custom paint facilities are on offer. Again with the same variety of Vinyl decals.


The Powdercoat finish is applied using the " Pre heat , Powder , Heat " to achieve an even gloss finish. This is an extremely hard wearing finsih .



The Paint finish starts with an Etch base primer , inside and out , the Inside is painted using the same primer and paint.

The Most popular finish are gray / silver and black , but any colour or combination is available.

How to Order

Caja Sahel Panniers are 100% built to your requirements and as such you can have any options you want added as these panniers are hand made to the finest quality.
You can:
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