1. Are the frames included in the price of the panniers?

Yes the frames and everything else required to fit the panniers are included in the price.
2. How long do I have to wait to receive my panniers / top boxes?

There is no wait time, when your payment has been received your product is on the way, unless you have requested some modification that will take some time, you will be notified of this on ordering.
3. What does ‘Caja Sahel’ mean?

Caja is Spanish for Box Pronounced" Ca Ya ".
The Sahel is an area of Africa which for me is an Adventure Motorcyclists Playground, its a wide stretch of land running from the Atlantic ocean to the African "Horn", an area that contains the countries of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia. The name Sahel accurately describes where this area is located because it is an Arabic word for "border" or "margin". The southern border of the region is the Sahara Dessert (Sahara being an Arabic word for "desert"). It is a transition zone between the arid Sahara to the north and the wetter more tropical area to the south. The areas primarily affected are: Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, and the "Horn.

The Caja Sahel Pannier system has been designed and built to operate in these conditions. I believe these to be the best Pannier system available to you today.
4. How do I attach my panniers to my bike?

View this guide.
5. How thick is the metal and what is it made of?

The Panniers are made from 2.5MM Aluminum.
The Aluminum is folded and Double welded, that's welded inside and outside. The outside weld is buffed to give a nice clean exterior finnish the inside weld remains as is for the added strength that is needed for what is essentially a harsh environment.
6. What wat do the top boxes mount to the rear carrier?

Caja is Spanish for Box Pronounced" Ca Ya ".
7. Do the box lids lift off or do they have a lid?

The Panniers are designed as Std Top Loading.
It is possible to hinge the Panniers and Top Box.
8. What finish or paint do you offer?

As a Std finish you get a "wet blast" Bare Aluminum Finish. This Finish is very easily Renewed. You can have a Choice of Powder coat Finishes, To incl: Base Powder coat , metallic Powder coat , Etch base Primed and then Powder coated , with /Without Metallic finish. Lacquer is also avail on Powder coated Finish. Anti Vandal Powder coat. All these powder coat finishes are Repairable , but at considerable more cost than the Bare aluminum finish.
You can also have your Panniers "Painted" Etch Primer and then your choice of Paint finish, Email for details.
9. What type of locks do you offer?

There are two types of lock available for the panniers.
Option 1:
Standard toggle latch with a hole for you to attach a small padlock.
Option 2: (+ £20 / €30)
Locking toggle latch with keys.
10. Before fitting your panniers, are mods needed to the stock rear indicators?

Yes the Indicator Stem has to be shortened, with the R /GS Range you can simply cut away the Rubber Part of the Stem and use the Hollow threaded bar that is in the Std Stems. Note: this is white the 850 / 1100 / 1150GS bikes.