Pannier Lids

There are two variants of lid available for the panniers, You can have the flat lid as standard, or at your own request you can have a rounded lid.

Pannier Liners

These bags are designed to slip inside the panniers and stop alloy dust rubbing off non powder coated panniers onto the contents. They are made from a very tough and durable Tarpaulin material. (Can also be made from Tonneau upoun request)

Because of the handles on the bags you can easily lift all of the cotents from your panniers and insert them again without havin to reach down into the bottom.

Caja Sahel 1200 GS & GSA all Models

Light guard

This light guard Does NOT distort the Light from the Std light set up. Nor Does it dimish it in any way. You can attach a "Stainless Mesh" to the Inside of the Light Guard if you want to protect from Smaller Stones. The Light guard is Steel Plastic coated. You can see from the Photos where it attaches to. It has What has now come to be Expected as the Caja Sahel Quality to its manufacture.



As your possessions are of great value, you want a strong top box that is secure in every way possible. There are many locking mechanisms available to be fitted to the caja sahel top boxes and panniers, some of which are outlined below:

Pannier handles

Mount Plates

These replace the rear seat , and can be used for a Top Box mount or just ease of mounting your Roll. Detaches, just like the Back seat with the existing key mechanism. All fitments required are included.
foot flaps

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